Passenger Baggage


Baggage Allowances

Your baggage allowance is dependent on the type of fare you have purchased, and is shown on your itinerary.

Seat2Go Fares

Seat2Go Fares include a carry-on allowance of 7 kilograms only. There is no checked baggage allowance on this fare type. Please note that carry-on baggage may be weighed at the boarding gate and excess above 7 kilograms will only be accepted if space permits and excess charges paid. We may require that some of your carry-on allowance be stowed in the baggage hold if cabin space is restricted. This will be decided at the boarding gate and there is no charge for stowing hand carry in the hold.

Excess Baggage

Excess baggage will be accepted for carriage on the same flight subject to space availability and payment of excess baggage charges:

NZ$ 3.50 per additional kilogram.

Baggage Storage

Air Rarotonga offers Baggage Storage to its customers at Rarotonga International Airport at affordable daily rates. Please enquire when you check in or click here for more information.

Oversize Baggage

Oversize baggage and sporting equipment will be carried as space permits. The weight limit for a single piece is 32 kilograms and the maximum length is 2 metres. Excess baggage rates apply to oversized items.

Fully Flexible and Seat + Bag Fares

Fully Flexible and Seat + Bag Fares include a single piece of checked-in baggage weighing up to a maximum of 23 kilograms, with the dimensions not exceeding 158 centimetres in linear measurement (Width+height+length).

In addition, you are entitled to carry-on personal items such as laptops, cameras and baby’s needs totaling not more than 7 kilograms. As storage space in the cabin is limited, these items must be able to be stored underneath the seat – or on Saab 340 services, in the overhead locker. In some cases our ground staff may need to ask you to store your cabin baggage in the aircraft hold before boarding.

Aitutaki Day Tour

The Aitutaki Day Tour includes a carry-on allowance of 7 kilograms only. There is no checked baggage allowance on this Tour fare. Please note that towels and quality snorkeling equipment are provided on board the tour should you decide not to bring your own. Cosmetic containers larger than 100 ml (i.e. your sun screen) ARE permitted on domestic flights in the Cook Islands. Note that some sunscreens are detrimental to coral. Eco friendly sunscreen is available on The Vaka Cruise.

If you have lost or damaged baggage or property, please complete the appropriate form below.

A Passenger Service Representative will contact you as soon as possible.