The beautiful little island of Mauke

Mauke is an extraordinarily pretty garden island, abundant with flowers that grow wild, while deep underground, caves and lakes honeycomb the island.

Mauke is home to approximately 300 people and is roughly half the size of Rarotonga in circumference, however, it is a world away in landscape and lifestyle.

Several guest lodges attract a small number of visitors each year looking for the peace and tranquility of a remote Pacific Island.

Mauke, also known as Akatokamanava (the place where my heart rested) is one of the three islands of Nga-Pu-Toru (the three roots) in the easternmost Southern Cook Islands.

Here you can experience freshwater caves, stunning white sand cove beaches, jagged cliffs, fossilised coral, the largest banyan tree in the South Pacific, rich fertile volcanic soil, and a unique history and culture.