Enuamanu – Island of Birds

Atiu is a forty-five minute flight from both Aitutaki and Rarotonga. When travelling from Aitutaki, the flight passes by the uninhabited atoll of Manuae, and the small island of Takutea, a nature reserve.

In geological terms, Atiu is a ‘raised or uplifted’ island with central volcanic hills encircled by a raised makatea of fossilised coral riddled with limestone caves. Known also as Enuamanu – island of birds - Atiu is home to a variety of interesting native plants and birds including the recently reintroduced Kura (Rimatara lorikeet), once endangered Kakerori, and the unique cave dwelling native Kopeka.

The island receives less than fifty visitors each month, making a stay in Atiu special. There are many secluded coves with white sand beaches to be enjoyed and for those keen on keeping up with their regular exercise there are cycle trails and hikes through verdant rainforest.

Atiuan people are typical of all Cook Islanders, welcoming, friendly and always willing to share stories of their island, life and culture.

Atiu Specials

We are excited to offer, in conjunction with Atiu Villas, attractively priced 2 Night Flight + Hotel packages from Rarotonga to Atiu. For further details please see below:

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Island Coffee

For coffee aficionados the island produces organically grown Arabica beans that can be sampled on a tour.

Cave and wildlife tours are available every day. Coffee tours are by arrangement.

Church Services

At the weekend, visitors are welcome to join one of the many island church services. On Sundays the imposing limestone Ziona Cook Islands Christian Church features choral singing that Cook Islanders are well known for.

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