Seat Selection

Seat Selection at the time of booking

When you book your flights on our web site you can select your seats in advance. Please note however that Air Rarotonga operates small and medium sized regional turboprop Aircraft over vast expanses of pacific ocean. This requires greater than normal safety margins at the expense of payload. Therefore we may from time to time have to reaseat passengers to ensure ideal load distribution. This is done in accordance with New Zealand Civil Aviation regulations and it is mandatoray for us and you as a passenger to comply with such re-seating arrangements.

Please also note the following about our Aircraft to make an informed decision which seats to choose:

Saab 340A

The Saab Aircraft operatesmost scheduled services to and from Aitutaki and can be distinguished by its 2+1 seating arrangement when the the seat map is displayed.
Air Rarotonga Saab 340A Seat map explained

  • seats 2A and 2F have no windows
  • For normal approached into Aitutaki, window seats in rows 8 to 11 have the best views of the Aitutaki Lagoon on either side
  • seats in rows 10 and 11 may need to be reallocated at the time of checkin if the load factor necessitates it. 
  • seats in rows 1 and 6 are exit row seats and cannot be occupied by children or infants


Vouchers are a time limited form of payment and can be purchased (for instance as a gift certificate) or they can be generated after cancelling a reservation.

The value of the voucher will be equal to the percentage that is refundable and depends on the type of fare you originally purchased and how close to departure you did decide to cancel your flight.

All online cancellations are initially refunded to a voucher and only vouchers generated for flights with fully flexible fares can be refunded 'as paid' - i.e. to the same credit card.