When cancelling a flexible fare on our web site, your payment will be refunded to a voucher with a PIN number. These two codes are displayed after you complete your cancellation.

(insert picture of on screen voucher and PIN display here)

You can use this voucher and PIN number as payment for subsequent reservations.

(insert picture of payment by voucher here)

If your original airfare was FULLY FLEXIBLE and you choose not to use your voucher as form of payment towards a new purchase within a year you can request a refund back to your credit card. 

In this case please contact our call center via Telephone +682 22888 or +64 9 9735173 or email [email protected] and quote your original confirmation number, voucher number and voucher PIN. We will then refund the amount back to your credit card you used to make your original reservation. if your credit cards has meanwhile been renewed or replaced, please contact us by telephone or email and advise.

After one year from original booking date, vouchers expire and their value is forfeited.