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Credit Cards

Why is my credit card rejected?

If your credit card is not accepted when trying to pay for your flights (Error 05 etc.) there could be several reasons:

  • you exceeded your daily spending limit. You may have just booked your international airline tickets and this may have caused you to go over your daily spending limit
  • your bank may block your card if you make multiple purchases from different geographical locations or if your bank decides your purchase pattern is unusual. 

  • You do not have sufficient funds on your credit or debit VISA or Master card

  • You entered incorrect details (number, Expiry date, CVV2 Code)

In both cases please consider contacting your bank and enquire the reason for this.


Vouchers are a time limited form of payment and can be purchased (for instance as a gift certificate) or they can be generated after cancelling a reservation.

The value of the voucher will be equal to the percentage or amount that is refundable and depends on the type of fare you originally purchased and how close to departure you did decide to cancel your flight.

All online cancellations are initially refunded to a voucher and only vouchers generated for flights with fully flexible fares can be refunded 'as paid' - i.e. to the same credit card. If you have a voucher generated by the cancellation of a fully flexible fare you can contact us and we will refund the value of that voucher back to your credit card.